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         Sustainability Initiatives

Made to Order Production

This means I only make what you order! This slow-fashion technique encourages customization and decreases unwanted stock pilling up. 

Sustainable Fabrics

Quality, sustainable garments start with eco-friendly fabrics. No fabric is perfect but I strive to improve my sustainable practices with each new collection. With each new collection, I hope to improve the sustainability of fabrics and make my products more eco-friendly. Read about why I choose Hemp, Bamboo Velour, and Recycled Polyester for my designs down below. 

Striving for Better

I vow to keep challenging myself to find the most sustainable way your clothes can be made and distributed. I want Ooey Gooey Vanshop to be around for a long time~ which means working with the planet, instead of against it.

Sustainability: Our Mission

Fabric Focus: Bamboo Velour

  • Grows fast and efficiently without the use of pesticides and fertilizers 

  • Crop requires little space and minimum water usage to thrive 

  • Fabric is highly absorbent and thus needs less dye than other fibers

  • Bamboo absorbs more CO2 than any other forest ​

  • Fabric has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties PLUS is moisture wicking, keeping you smelling and feeling your best 

  • Insulating yet breathable, allowing for warmth in cold climates and cooling in warmer ones

Sustainability: Welcome

Fabric Focus: Repreve Recycled Polyester 

  • Made from Repreve Polyester Yarn from recycled plastic bottles and other post-consumer waste products 

  • Fibers have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification to ensure recycled yarns are free of harmful substances

  • Durable and soft, with 4 way stretch 

  • Production of Recycled Polyester emits significantly less greenhouse gases than virgin polyester, conserving water and energy in the process

  • Diverts 13 plastic bottles per yard of fabric from the oceans and landfills

Sustainability: Welcome
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